At Ashwood Spencer Academy the curriculum is designed to ensure that all children achieve their full personal and academic potential. We endeavour to instil a deep moral compass within our children and ensure that they are aspirational, resilient, respectful, and tolerant global citizens who have a life-long love of learning. We are passionate about promoting equality for all our pupils and supporting their mental wellbeing, physical health, and social skill development. Our curriculum is underpinned by our DREAM values and is taught in such a way to promote critical, inquisitive thinking.


Determined risk takers who want to succeed


Resilient and respectful learners


Expressive communicators


Ambitious achievers, unafraid of mistakes


Magic happens when you dream

We deliver a strategically planned 3-dimensional curriculum made up of knowledge, skills, and concepts to be learned and understood. Our curriculum has been designed to revisit and build on key concepts throughout the Ashwood journey. The children study under a Global Theme each half term every year. The Global Themes of Identity, Diversity and Equality, Significance, Peace and Conflict, Transformations, Enterprise and Global Awareness and Sustainability were chosen for our children and the community we serve. Each theme acts as a ‘coat hanger’ on which to hang new learning.

With a book at its heart, creating a real passion and purpose for all learning, the curriculum ensures that children are ready for the next steps in education and prepares them for life beyond education. We understand and acknowledge the challenges faced within our community and work hard to provide enrichment opportunities that inspire, motivate, and move learning on.

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